When Michael Barnard founded the consulting, design and building services firm ML Barnard, Inc. in 1992, he had only one goal: to run a company his way. Although launched as a one-man operation, Mike had grand dreams of constructing high-quality buildings that met clients' aesthetic and budgetary needs while doing so with unassailable integrity and commitment to service.

Mike must be doing something right. Today, more then a decade after the founding of his firm , ML Barnard, Inc is a small but important force in the marketplace, with ten employees and annual revenues approaching $ 8 million. ML Barnard has also become one of the nation's top 10 authorized dealers of pre-engineered buildings manufactured by Nucor Building Systems. But, ML Barnard believes the company success isn't reflected in its growth or dollar signs but in its clients' satisfaction.

During his 30-plus years as a professional engineer, Mike has worked for more than 200 clients. He's done everything from design/build clients' projects to manage their abundant and diverse construction needs. Among the projects he and his company have worked on are: high-rises, office buildings, high-tech facilities, manufacturing facilities with clean rooms, data centers, tenant finishes, metal building systems, airplane hangars, churches and much more.

Diverse as the clients may be, ML Barnard's clients are all attracted to the company, because of its business philosophy. Our letterhead says it all - "Dedicated to Our Client's Needs." That's what ML Barnard is all about. It's been our philosophy from the beginning; our business grows by referrals from our clients. Normally, once we do a building, those clients are clients for life.

Such long-standing relationships don't just happen over night. They're fostered through painstaking commitment to clients and uncompromising adherence to the company's values. Honesty, integrity and quality are important to us and they're important to our clients. ML Barnard expresses its corporate values by supporting children's organizations such as the Jaycees, Little League Teams, Softball Teams, YMCA, High School Soccer Teams, Ohio Board of Education and the Stay in School Fund in Clermont County.

Supporting those types of organizations and conducting business according to old-fashioned values reveals more about ML Barnard than a set of blueprints. With over 30 years of experience we can build anything, but our clients select us for more than just our building skills. They respect the way we run our business.

ML Barnard is mindful of customer's budgets as well. It's easy to build the Taj Mahal if you've got an unlimited budget. The challenge is creating the most attractive, functional building within the client's budget. We keep our client's wallets in mind when we make our building decisions, but we don't cut corners. After all, whenever we put up a building, we think of it as having our name on it. It represents our company and we aren't going to do anything to tarnish that reputation.

We are so dedicated to preserving that reputation and serving our clients' needs that when potential customers ask for references we don't just hand them a list of two or three stellar projects. Instead the we supplies them with a detailed list of contacts for every project the company has ever worked on. ML Barnard is confident that every client, large or small, will express the same type of satisfaction. We give potential clients all that information for two reasons. One, we're not trying to hide anything, and two; our clients are the best spokespeople we have.

Although ML Barnard is proficient in all areas of commercial construction, the company expanded its business in 1998 when it ventured into the role of landlord. ML Barnard built the Spirit of America National Bank building in Miami Township and leases the 30,000 square-foot building to the bank. Property management and ownership is an area of long-term focus for us.

Because projects often involve a variety of architects, contractors, designers and construction companies, ML Barnard is accustomed to working with a number of different firms. What's more, developers-who are sometimes wary of working with general contractors they regard as competitors-don't have that same anxiety when working with ML Barnard. Developers know our reputation and they know we'll work well together with them.

ML Barnard expresses the same spirit of partnership when discussing the company's relationship with our subcontractors. ML Barnard seeks out firms and individuals that share our company's values and priorities. We're all part of the same team. We believe in loyalty and we've been working with some of the same subcontractors for 20 years. You're only as good as the people around you. Some contractors just go for the low bid, we don't. We want the right people on the job. It takes teamwork to meet and exceed the expectation of building owners.

For over a decade now, ML Barnard has been meeting and exceeding those expectations, and is poised-with a healthy reputation, and a commitment to excellence-for continued success in the decades to come.



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